National Industrial Recovery Act

JUNE 1993

Who was the program intended to help?

It was was intended for president Franklin D. Roosevelt New Deal legislative program
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What was this program intended to do ?

Was law passed by the united states congress in 1933 to authorize the president to regulate industry in an attempt to raise prices after severe deflation and stimulate economic recovery.
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Does this program fall under Relief ,Recovery,or Reform program of Roosevelt New Deal? Explain.

And the National Industrial Recovery Act falls under the Recovery Program. Because It attempted to make structural changes in the industrial sector of the economy and to evaluate unemployment with a public works program.
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How successful do you believe this program was at relieving the economic crisis?

It wasn't successful at all.Because of the codes that happened. The act exempted the codes from antitrust restricted. The codes became legally binding on all participants in the industry concerned.
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How does this program add to your understanding of the Great Depression?

The passage of NIRA ushered in a unique experiment in U.S economic history. The NIRA sanctioned,supported , and in some cases, enforced an alliance of industries.
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Does this program still exist today ?

No this program does not exist anymore.It expired in June 1935. the NIRA is widely considered a policy failure,both in the 1930s and by historians today. Disputes over the reasons for failure continue.But among the suggested cause are that the Act promoted economically harmful monopolies, and that the act lacked critical support from the business community,and that it was poorly administered
National Industrial Recovery Act

3 major highlight of video

  • industries are failing
  • unemployment has a staggering 25 percent of the american population
  • Led by Hugh Johnson Dedicated to reforming the economy for each other.