In the Know

You are!

Shouts Outs from YOUR Dolphin Colleagues

  • Jane Scruggs for being willing to do anything she is asked to do with a smile!

  • Thanks to all who helped in any capacity with the testing this week, from the custodians to teachers, and teacher assistants.

  • Always helping out the classroom teachers!

  • Thanks for being flexible with your time and students while I am still testing! (Deborah M.)

  • Thank you for all of your flexibility and rolling with the punches in the last week. It was a tough week on a lot of fronts and you all remained positive and focused on the tasks at hand. I thank you for your professionalism and helping us all muddle through!

  • Shoutout to Ms. Vaksvik and Student Council for a great 5th grade social on Friday afternoon!

We need the following this week:

LIBRARY BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the Week Ahead.....

Duties This Week

AM Bus/Cafeteria beginning - Threatt

PM Bus - Demolet

AM Auditorium beginning - Lingerfeldt/Swinniet

AM Car beginning - Rodgers


NCFE - Grades 4 and 5 - Social Studies

EOG Makeups

EOG Retest - 3rd grade


NCFE - 4th grade - Science

5th Grade Promotion - Auditorium - 6pm

Shopping for Books - see KPD's schedule


Shopping for Books - see KPD's schedule

Third Grade to Camelot - 11:30-2pm

Kindergarten Ice Cream Party - 1:30pm


Early Release at 11:30

Lunch at 12:45ish - Pinecrest Inn


Required Teacher Workday