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January 18th: 9:15 || 11:15 || 6:00

Every Number Has a Name, Every Name Has a Story, Every Story Matters to God

New Service Times started with a BANG this past week! We saw:

  • 1003 kids {382 kids @ 9:15} {493 @ 11:15} {128 @ 6:00}
  • 249 volunteers
  • 35 first timers

We got to see so many amazing things this past week! Here are just a couple of stories that relate to some of our KidSpring Core Values:

  • Creative Bible Teaching- There was a preschooler that went home and told her mom all she wants to do when she grows up is be a KidSpring teacher to tell people about Jesus.
  • Relationships- So many VIPs happening with volunteer teams! Make sure to be here 45 minutes before your service starts to get to be a part of this!
  • Fun- We got to see some elementary kids running back to the room during checkout because they didn't want to leave!
  • Plus, we saw several first timers from the week before coming back to KidSpring this past Sunday!


Volunteer of the Week: Blair Newcomer

Our KidSpring Volunteer of the Week is Blair Newcomer! Blair is a really special volunteer of the week because she's not a "normal" KidSpring volunteer! Blair is on our sub team of volunteers that will come & serve when our consistent volunteers are sick or out of town. She always serves with SO MUCH JOY and is willing to serve absolutely anywhere! This past week she led a small group in elementary for 1 service and cared for babies in another.

We love Blair & all of our KidSpring subs! If you know of anyone who would be great for a sub role, let us know or send them this link:



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Bible Story: Jesus Stops a Storm


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Bible Story: Jesus Walks On Water