Mrs. Jump's Newsletter

First Grade 2015-2016

Note From the Teacher

This was a great and busy first week back from Spring Break in 1st grade! This week, in Reading, we began identifying point of view in stories. In Writing, we began writing complete fictional narratives to publish. Stay tuned for more information on that! In Math, we began telling time to the nearest hour and half hour. In Science, we learned about the scientific method and participated in several experiments.

School will be in session on March 25th.

All kindergarten-2nd grade students are invited to join us for Price Night at Texas Roadhouse on Tuesday, March 22nd! Any family who eats dinner at Texas Roadhouse and mentions that they are with Price Elementary will have a portion of the proceeds from their dinner donated back to Price. PLUS, any student who is at Roadhouse at 6:00 will be invited to line dance with the servers! The students will learn a special line dance at school on Tuesday to dance that evening. Participation is optional, but thank you in advance for your support! We can't wait to see our Price line dancing crew!

Ordering a yearbook gives your child a chance to look back at the year with fond memories. They will enjoy it for years to come. There are only a few weeks left before the deadline so this may be your last chance to get one. The yearbook has more pages and pictures this year, so be sure to put your order in now! To order go to and follow the directions. It will ask you which school you want to order from, and then take you to the correct school site. If you have any questions, please contact

If you are interested in being a guest reader, please let me know! We would LOVE to have you! :-)

Upcoming Explorations


Next week, we will begin identifying the central message in stories and give supporting details.


Next week, we will focus on editing and revising our complete fictional narrative to publish. Stay tuned for more details, as you will be able to purchase our class book after it is published. :-)


Next week, we will begin geometry.


Next week, we will continue to focus on using the scientific method to participate in several experiments.

WORD PATTERN FOR NEXT WEEK: short vowels with final blends.

School Calendar


We had a 98.4% attendance average this week. Our classroom attendance goal is 95.8%. Thank you for helping us achieve our goal! :-)

Classroom Needs

Disinfectant Wipes


Our class recently completed Quarterly Assessments for 3rd Quarter. In Math, 89% of our class scored Met or Advanced on writing and counting to 120, 84% of our class scored Met or Advanced on Missing Addends, and 94% of our class scored Met or Advanced on True/False equations. In ELA, 100% of our class scored Met or Advanced on circling words that do not look right in their writing and attempting to correct them, 94% of our class scored Met or Advanced in using transition words in their writing, and 89% of our class scored Met or Advanced on using descriptive words in their writing. I am SO proud of this class for finishing out 3rd Quarter so strong!

PBIS Update

Our students are doing a great job Rocking the ROAR! Our classroom focus is following directions the 1st time. Ask your child what they have done this week to earn a signature/compliment.