Team Kramer News

December 18, 2015

We had a blast decorating our door for the contest!

Popcorn party is Monday! Holiday party is Tuesday!!

Yes we are having two parties in a row!!!

The popcorn party is for our class earning the most bones in our wing last month. Mr. Shae is providing the popcorn. Your child is free to bring in a G rated movie that the class will vote on to watch with this party!

The holiday party is the last hour of the day on Tuesday. I hope you have emailed me already letting me know that you plan to attend because today was the final day to let me know! We plan to eat a treat, make a craft, and play a game!!

We have been buuuuusyyyyyyy!!!

What all have we done?

During math we explored place value along with adding and subtracting with two digit numbers through the use of base ten blocks. During reading we analyzed a character named Molly Lou Mellon who was very creative. Our phonics focus has been on ew, ou, oo, and ue words. We continue to explore what solids, liquids, and gases are in science. During writing we wrapped up editing dialogue and started to use other words for said that add detail. We decorated our door and had a very fun full week!!

Please email or call the office if pick up changes happen during the day because I may or may not have time to check my email during the busy school day!

Dress Up Days Next Week

Monday- Unique Sweater day

Tuesday- Green and Red day!

Look Forward To:

January 4 School Wide Assembly

January 8 Library books are due

Have a wonderful break and Christmas!

Feel free to contact me with anything! Thank you for sharing your wonderful child with me for this first half of an awesome year in second grade!