NRJH Classroom Events Calendar


Host an observation

  1. Use the classroom events calendar to let your colleagues know that you are doing something awesome in class. (the more advanced notice, the better people can plan)
  2. Record the details- event, grade and name .
  3. Share your awesomeness with the world.

Participate in an Observation

  1. Use the classroom events calendar to view when events are happening.
  2. Visit during your conference period.
  3. Sign in electronically to get credit.
  4. Get cool ideas on how to be a better teacher and support your fellow teacher.

Get Free Food

By Hosting:

  • Put your event on the calendar.
  • Have at least 5 people observe and sign-in. You may want to nudge your neighbor and let them know what's going on.

By Observing:

  • Observe 5 teacher's classroom from the calendar within the 9 week grading period.
  • Sign-in electronically.

Teachers who meet the minimum requirement by hosting or participating in observations will qualify to join in the 9 weeks luncheon. Observations will also count towards Professional Learning on PDAS.

Michelle McEuen

NRJH Design Coach

Contact for questions or concerns regarding classroom events.