Is 6th grade as easy as you think

Making it through the strike system

Once you start 6th grade you will start the strike system!

  • don't be disrespectful
  • turn papers in on time
  • always have a pencil
  • chrome book always charged
  • don't loose your work
  • be respectful to classmates
  • be respectful to your teacher
  • don't talk back
  • do what your told
  • clean up your messes
  • always give 110%
  • If you always have everything you need and your chrome book is always charged you have nothing to worry about. You need to make sure you do everything right the first time so you don't have to go back through a second time.


Some teachers give out more homework than others. Such as i never have home work in any of my classes besides math and social studies.

Hallway and lockers

Is 6th Grade hard?

No it's as hard as you think it's actually pretty easy. if you listen to you teachers and ask question you'll have straight A's the whole year (most likely). on't be afraid to ask questions you might end up really needing that answer. The teachers are really nice and understanding .
Chromebook Care