Apollo and Cassondra

By:Kaitlyn Vanderploeg

Greek Myth

Apollo and Cassondra


“Apollo and Cassondra who are they?”said a young boy named Sam. “They are greek gods just let me tell the story!” I said “So a long time ago there was this god who was very lonely.”“She didn’t have any friends?!?” he asked Then I replied “Nope, no friends.”Just stop interrupting me.” “OK!” He mumbled

“Apollo was the lonely one.” “So she called up friend who was also a greek god named Cassobra and she was the prettiest of all gods. She is the god of food.Apollo is the god of water.” I told the story “ Her friend said yes she would come. So Apollo has a friend coming to visit but Apollo didn’t know everybody was on vacation!!!

Cassondra got stuck in water traffic so she started pushing, and shoving, honking it was bad!” “So she shrunk all the cars and started to swim away.”

“Finally she found the house she was looking for. They fell in love with two handsome men at a ball and got married and named their kids after each other.” How sweet right,” I said.