Gabe Holley

By Me

My Brain

The world is wrong side up. It needs to be turned upside down in order to be right side up.

The included picture is my illustration of a test I took that determined I naturally prefer using the right side of my brain. Although I use both sides depending on the task, I am more comfortable using the right side. That means I prefer spontaneity, expression, nurturing, social and interpersonal activity, imagination and creativity, artistry, holistic, abstract, and conceptual thinking.

Descicion Making

When making decisions I tend to follow the behavioral style. People with that decision making style are friendly, sociable, supportive, motivated by acceptance by peers, and avoid conflict. Others sometimes perceive my decision making as can't say no, too concerned about others, and can't make hard decisions. The best organizational fit for my type of decision making is one that allows for loose , decentralized settings, and simple organization.

My Personality Type

#1 Orange:

I have an orange personality type. That means I am creative, spontaneous, adventurous, and fun loving. When I communicate I am fast paced, brief, loud, interrupt and I'm straight forward. What frustrates me is formality, slow pace, and steps.

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9th grade- get good grades, get involved, start a resume of all activities/accomplishments

10th grade- keep good grades up, take PSAT and/or SAT, maintain resume

11th grade- boost GPA, take ACT and/or SAT, maintain resume

12th grade- get letters of recommendation, apply to schools, complete the FASFA, apply for scholarships


Saturday, May 23rd 2020 at 8am

285 Stadium Dr

Fayetteville, AR