By: Madelyn Zwilling

Introduction/Summary of Judaism

Judaism is a monotheistic religion that worships Adonai the god of Abraham. People who worship Adonai are called Jews, they worship out of a book called a Torah, or a Tanakh. Just like in Christiany or Islam Judaism has a sabbath day. A Jews day of sabbath is Friday evening to Saturday. Some Key beliefs that Jews celebrate are bar(boy)/bat(girl)mitzvah. They are celebrations that allow a boy(13) or a girl (12) to be a full member of the congregation. Jews worship at a place called a synagogue, the "teacher of Torah" is called a Rabbi. Most common sects include Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed. When I think of the Judaism Religion I think about Hanukkah. Hanukkah celebrates miracle oil lasting 8 days when only enough for 1 day in temple. One of the most sacred places in the Judaism religion is the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.


A synagogue is a place that the Jews go to worship. Here they have ceremonies, and practice Jewish Religion.
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