Breanna Schmidt

History of Cosmetology

According to Joe Trieu from, "some of the very first evidence of makeup in Mesopotamian civilization came from portraits and carvings of kings and priests" (2). Makeup has been used for a long time and in different cultures, but it has evolved over the years. Historically only wealthier people were able to use 'makeup' and paint their nails (Trieu 2). In more recent times, wealthier people could afford better makeup or to get it professionally done. Even in ancient times, beauty was a prized possession.

Cosmetology School

According to Empire Beauty Schools the average cost of cosmetology school in Wisconsin is about $18,000 (3). This price could be different depending on what is included in your tuition. According to Remington College, you will start in a classroom working on mannequins and eventually work in an actual salon on real live clients (1). The school reflects and actual salon work setting. During school you will learn the the classic and latest trends on hair washing, cutting, coloring, nails and skin care (Empire Beauty Schools 2).

job description

Although you will be trained to care for hair, nails and skin, many cosmetologists choose to do just hair. According to, "Most cosmetologists work in beauty salons, and many have their own businesses. Some work in unisex shops, barbershops, departments stores, hospitals, spas, resorts, and hotels." (2) There are many options in places to work, and you can even work for yourself. If you own your own salon, yo,u have a large amount of responsibility. The average cosmetologist will make around $18,000 a year.


As a cosmetologist, you rely a lot on your clients. According to Heather Physioc from, "Some of the most important factors that clients consider in choosing a particular salon are the sanitation of the salon, location of the salon, punctuality of the hair designers and the cost of cuts" (2). The physical aspects of the salon are important to the clients, but so are the emotional aspects. Not only do clients wish to be treated respectfully, but also want to be in a warm welcoming environment (Physioc 1). Clients wish to feel more than clients when they are at the salon, they want to feel like family.


The wider range of skills set that you have, the more clients you will attract. clients want a one stop shop where they can get everything from a simple shampoo all the way to a full makeover. According to empire beauty schools. “You will be trained in: hair cleansing, cutting and styling, color and texture, basic skin care, business/retail and makeup” (2). Most often salons only offer hair services and occasionally nail services.


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