facilities updates

Hello South Eugene

Over the last 18 months we have been focusing on updating many of our athletic facilities and are happy to share our progress with you. Below you will find information for each project currently underway.

Thank you again and GO SOUTH!

Women's Locker Facilities Update

We have been working with players, coaches and district personnel to develop plans for updates and renovations our women’s locker facilities. This digital flyer will be updated to keep you informed about this exciting ongoing process.


A partition wall was built dividing the room into a locker area and team meeting space. As you can see from the images below, lockers are in place and the final touches have been put into place.


Plans for renovation include but are not limited to:

  • redesigned use of overall locker room space
  • team rooms
  • team meeting space
  • new lockers
  • newly designed showers, restrooms, and changing areas
  • laundry facilities
  • new entrance and exit locations

To be completed September 2018


The name of a prominent alumna and standout athlete will soon grace South Eugene High School’s softball field, which was constructed in 2014 with funds from the 2011 school bond measure.

Karen Meats, a South Eugene graduate in the Class of 1964, is the most honored softball player to ever represent South Eugene High School. A standout female athlete and coach both before and after Title IX, Ms. Meats has been a pioneer in the development of athletic opportunities for girls. She has been active and prominent in the softball community for nearly 60 years as an athlete, coach, teacher, official and mentor.

During Ms. Meats’ time at South Eugene, before Title IX, there were very few interscholastic athletic opportunities for girls. Still, she participated in seven different sports—softball, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, track and field, tennis and badminton. She represented South Eugene in various “Sports Days” and excelled in athletics through community organizations. She went on to the University of Oregon, where she participated in five intercollegiate sports and earned an education degree, and then taught and coached at high schools in Oregon. She started the girls’ athletic program at Regis High School and coached Sheridan High School volleyball and track and field teams to four state championships.

Ms. Meats excelled in softball with the Amateur Softball Association of America, ASA Softball, now called USA Softball. Her softball career began in Eugene in 1959, when she was in 7th grade. She played as a left fielder and back-up pitcher with the McCulloch Chain Saws, which placed 8th in the nation in 1965, and placed 5th in 1966,

when Ms. Meats was their top hitter and named to the All-American second team.

In recognition of Ms. Meats’ 41-year softball career (1959–2000), she was inducted into the ASA Softball Oregon Hall of Fame in 1990, the University of Oregon Athletic Hall of Fame in 2002, the ASA Softball Regional Hall of Fame in 2007, and the South Eugene Athletic Hall of Fame in 2011. She also served the softball community as an umpire from 1985–1995 and was named Oregon’s Umpire of the Year in 1991.

Dr. Andy Dey, principal of South Eugene High School, says, “Karen has spent her life advancing opportunities for young women through sports, both in our local community and across the state. She is a role model and inspiration for student athletes in the past, present and future. It is South Eugene High School’s great pride and honor to have our softball field named Karen Meats Field.”


We are in the process of contracting the installation of a warning track that will surround the entire softball field.

This work will be completed by the first home game of the 2018-19 season.


Installation of turf around home plate has been completed. This will provide the opportunity for early spring games to be played during inclement weather.