A Second Look

Mrs. Taylor's Weekly Newsletter

Happy Sunday!


This is our weekly newsletter. It will cover what we are learning for the week as well as important dates and information. The kids are doing well. We worked hard the first full week. I hope you had a good weekend. I went to Wichita and went wedding dress shopping with my sisters for Tara's upcoming wedding.


Mrs. Taylor

Learning Topics

Weekly skills

Math: we are just starting a new math curriculum called Go Math.

Monday: problem solving-model addition

Tuesday: algebra-add zero

Wednesday: algebra-add in any order

Thursday: algebra- putting numbers together to 10

Friday: algebra- adding numbers to 10


Read to Self: building our stamina above 5 minutes

Word Work: we will use Spelling City for this

Phonics Skill: letter sounds and names

Writing: our handwriting curriculum is called "Handwriting Without Tears"

Science/Social Studies:

Honesty and Responsibility