Just In Time Process Assignments

Yes, Just in Time can be implemented without using Kanban. It is so, as Just in Time is aimed to control production by reducing the inventory and eliminating the waste that can be achieved without using Kanban. Similarly, control and production planning assignment help in JIT can be also achieved without using Kanban, so without this it is possible to execute Just in Time system in the organization. So, it can be argued that without using Kanban, it is feasible to implement Just in Time.

It is so, as Kanban just signals the production, so without using it, it is possible to implement Just in Time system in the organization. Just in Time is a philosophy, while Kanban is just a part or element of this philosophy. Kanban is used to convey the parts between the work stations. Again, it is also true that Just in Time is used to produce things only when they are required, so to do so, firms can implement Just in Time without taking help of Kanban system.

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