GES Friday Wrap-up 4/2

Let's celebrate the week gone, and be ready for what's next

In Partnership with You

The following information was included in a phone call that went out to families at 5:30 PM on Monday 4/2. This weekly wrap-up (e-mail, phone call & video) is a key way to receive important information about relevant announcements and upcoming events.

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The Student GES Friday Wrap-up Video!

GES Friday Wrap-up 4/2

Arts Academy has been SO MUCH FUN!

The kids and staff are having a blast!

The schedule for the coming week is:

  • Hoop Ribbon Dancing for 1st Grade April 5th and 6th
  • Hoop Ribbon Dancing for Kindergarten April 7th and 8th
  • Kite Making for 3rd Grade April 5th and 7th
  • Pet Collage with 4th Grade April 6th and 7th

Remember to bring the $10 for the course in an envelope with your student name, and course name written on it

Checkout some of the Arts Academy fun!

Planning for CMAS testing at GES the week of April 12th

What is CMAS?

CMAS is the Colorado Measure of Academic Success. It is the state level test we give to our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.

This year things have changed a little bit due to House Bill 21-1161 which was approved by the federal government this last week. I have attached a parent letter that explains more about the changes below, but the bottom line is that your students are only required to take the following state tests this year:

  • 3rd Grade ELA (Reading and Writing)
  • 4th Grade Math
  • 5th Grade ELA (Reading and Writing)

Those assessments have three sessions each, we'll give one session each day on April 13th, 14th & 15th.

As always, our goal at Garfield is not to simply survive circumstances. We are thrivers. creative problem solvers and we are tenacious! We aim to show that while circumstances around education have been difficult, Garfield students and teachers have worked hard, and our dedication to learning has been/ is evident. This is an opportunity for us to show it.

So encourage your student to do their best!

Individual and Class Picture Day

Our classrooms are scheduled to take pictures on Thursday, April 8th.

Photo order forms have gone home. Please check your students backpack if you have not yet seen it.

Class photos will be taken outside (weather permitting) and masked. What better way to memorialize a unique school year!

Please contact us if you have any questions

Weekly Events for April 5th

Monday, April 5th

  • Welcome back KA- We’ve missed you!

  • Arts Academy Continues!

    • Hoop Ribbon Dancing- 1st Grade

    • Kite Making- 3rd Grade

    • DC OAKS FUNDRAISER FOR NEW GYM MATS IN GES! See the information below this calendar

Tuesday, April 6th-

  • Arts Academy

    • Hoop Ribbon Dancing 1st Grade

    • Pet Collage- 4th Grade

Wednesday, April 7th

  • Late Start Day- School starts at 9:00

  • Arts Academy

    • Hoop Ribbon Dancing- Kindergarten

    • Pet Collage- 4th Grade

    • Kite-Making- 3rd Grade

Thursday, April 8th

  • Individual/ Class Photos

  • Arts Academy

    • Hoop Ribbon Dancing- Kindergarten

Friday, April 9th-

  • A beautiful spring day!

Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

  • CMAS state testing will begin at GES the week of April 12th
  • GES PTA Meeting on Monday 4/12 @ 6:00
  • No school for students on Friday, April 16th, or Monday, April 19th.
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