By : Kamil Szlapka

General Surgeon


A General Surgeon performs surgical procedures on the contents of the abdominal area. (stomach, colon, liver, etc.)

Daily tasks and responsibilities

A surgeon usually records a patient's medical history, updates patient information, reviews test results to find a treatment or an additional problem, questions patients to find out what is wrong with them, and helps patient get better by discussing treatments and performing surgeries.

Education/training needed

A bachelor's, or even a more advanced degree is required for medical school which every surgeon must go to. A surgeon isn't only judged by grades but their personality matters a lot too.

Preferred job skills

Communication skills, compassion, detail oriented, dexterity, leadership skills, organizational skills, patience, physical stamina, and problem-solving skills.

Job Outlook

The job outlook is faster than average. (18%)


The median pay for a General Surgeon is $350,937 a year and $169 an hour.

Work Environment

Surgeons work in Hospitals and perform surgery while standing for a long time.

Information from ; The Bureau of Labor Statistics

A Day in the Life - Surgeon

Career connections

“Any success starts from within. It is incumbent on each individual to seize the opportunity and make his best effort. Thinking that there is no chance will only insure you will have no chance. Opportunity exists everywhere.” Dr. Peter D. Chemello

High School Preperation

Related Courses

A course that can be taken to help someone out with becoming a surgeon is Medical Careers. Class takers will get a successful completion of 2 years of science.

Extra-curricular Activities

There are no extra-curricular activities that would help out with becoming a surgeon, however maybe in the future there will be.

Work/Volunteer Experience

Working at a hospital and helping out nurses/doctors could help a person gain a ton of experience.

Information from ; Leyden Course Planning Handbook , Student Activities Webpage

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What is a reference?

A reference is a person who you could look up to and go to for guidance. Follow their steps to success and even achieve greater things from their tips and recommendations.

My 3 references

My first reference would probably be my mother. She had a tough time in the beginning but made it through and now she is very successful. The same thing goes for my father who is my second reference. My third reference would be my sister because she is also in the medical field and is on her way to achieve great things.

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Post-secondary Plans


One of my college options would be U of I because of their majors and it is in Illinois.

Training/Certificate Programs

A surgeon has to complete medical school and gain experience first before he can perform surgeries on his own.

Internship/Apprenticeship Opportunities

Before becoming a surgeon, the person needs experience working at the hospital and helping out the medical staff.