Justin Epperson


Osteorings- Crisp onion rings made with the best batter and hand breaded will leave your bones tingling for more.

Smooth dumplings- Quality dough wrapped around tender and juicy meat of your choice will make your muscles involuntarily grab another.

TH wings- Zesty and spicy can not even describe the amount of burn these wings can deliver.


Central steak- This 9 oz piece of wood grilled savory steak will control how you pick apart your plate... we're sure this will be the first to go.

Dermis pizza- Served just like an authentic pizza from the heartlands of Italy except for it has two layers of cheese to add an extra barrier for you to enjoy.

NK shrimp- Shrimp fresh from the market and fried to a golden brown will kill any bad memories of restaurants before.



Palate lemonade- Sweet home-made lemonade

Gastric tea- Southern sweet tea with a hint of ginger

Renin juice- A special made fruit punch that is packed with nutrients and will get your blood flowing