My cousins birthday party

Gabe Magana

"Tomorrow, is my birthday Gabe " said my cousin "I know your dad told me, now go to sleep" I said. And so we both went to bed.... Beep Beep Beep."Ahh" I yelled as I woke up I thought to myself "dang alarm clock it's always loud.

As i go through my morning routine I walk outside to the living room too find my uncle pumping helium in to balloons so I ask if he needs help and he says no so i go to the kitche n and so i go ask my aunt if she needs any help she also says no so i go to the backyard to go turn on the water hose to start filling up water balloons an my cousins come outside and so i chunk two water ballons at them and they start getting mad and so i throw more. They get mad and they go back inside I finish filling up the balloons my uncle calls me to bring out the food

He starts the grill then he starts grilling hot dogs, a few hours go by and after the party is done i'm soaked and dying of hunger so I eat the hot dogs and it's like i'm in food heaven. ¨Gabe can you help pickup the trash ¨ said my uncle ok i say back I guess my food heaven is short lived.

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