History Of Lowriders

Learn All About The History Of Lowriders And How They Work

What Is A Lowrider?

First of all, lowriders are not any old car. They are customized muscle cars (most of the time) that have been lowered with either airbags or full on custom suspension.First ill be covering how most of lowriders and almost all lowriders have hydraulics, ill get to those later as they deserve another subject to describe. Next ill be describing why lowriders are so popular and how they started. And finally ill be covering some of the most popular lowrider models and why they are so popular!
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What Are Lowrider Hydraulics? How Do They Work?

Lowrider hydraulics are what make the cars so low and bounce around too look cool. Most ways that lowriders bounce and lower themselves is using air suspension (air bags) that are easy to control and give a smooth ride. The other option is hydraulics which use air/liquid pumps to pump cylinders which are along side a shock absorber or spring to bounce and get up high!
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[34] L.A. Lowriders - Bounce with me

The History Of Lowriders

Lowriders started around the 1920s when Henry Ford released the Model T, after the Model T got released alot of other car styles came out and were popular throughout LA. around the 60s Young chicanos who moved into LA looking for jobs would customize these cars with plush interiors, lowered chassis, layers of paint and decals all over the body of the car, and chrome fancy spoked rims. Later in the 1970s lowriders became popular all over and a new technology got released for them, hydraulics. Hydraulics allowed the cars to raise up to get over speed bumps and police checks to see how low the cars were, later this evolved into the very popular bouncing of hydraulics, sometimes called hydros. Nowadays lowriders are very expensive and can cost up to 25 000 dollars for one customization !