Williston Schools Bus Information

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Changes in 2018-2019

Taft Farms is now bus D

Bus I (pm only) now goes to Industrial Ave, dropping off GMTR and EJs, and out to St. George Villa

Butternut is now on Bus A

Beaudry Lane and adjacent properties are now bus H in the afternoon

Oak Hill Road from South Road (south), including Willowbrook, Martel, and Pritchard Mtn. are now bus C.

Buses are not able to turn around on the following streets; bus stops will be at the nearest intersections: Fay Lane, lower Governor Chittenden Rd., Highlands Drive, and Christmas Lane

Streets with different am and pm buses

Ledgewood: D am / L pm

Katie Lane: D am / L pm

Chapman &, Fay lane: L am / J pm

Industrial Ave: H am / I pm

Lois Lane: H am / E pm

Redmond Rd.: D am / L pm

St. George Villa: E am / I pm

Buses to popular after school destinations

Bus H goes to the Edge, Urban Dance, Nadeaus after school.

Bus I goes to EJ’s and GMG after school

Bus E drops off at Kojos after school

Individual Bus Route Listings

Bus Route A

Butternut Rd now picked up and dropped off by Bus A.

Bus Route C

Butternut has been moved to Bus A. South Oak Hill Rd. is now Bus C. The bus no longer drives down Christmas Lane, but stops at the entrance.

Bus Route D

New: Taft Farms (Talcott, Isham, Bingham, Winslow);Picks up Mt. View west of Old Stage mornings, (Katie Lane, Ledgewood, upper Old Stage) Finney Crossing has 9 designated bus stops. Bus I drops off at EJ's & GMG after school.

Route E

Lois Lane is bus E in the pm (bus H in the am). Bus E drops off at Kojos in the pm. St. George Villa bus stops are the intersection of Chestnut and Hemlock and Birch & Hemlock. In the afternoon, bus I drops off at St. George Villa.

Route G

There are four (4) designated stops in Porterwood. The first is at 714 Porterwood, the second at 441, then 322 and 65. The bus no longer drives up Highlands Dr., but stops at the intersection of Old Creamery and Highlands.

Route H

Bus H drops off at the Edge, Nadeaus, Urban Dance after school. Kirby Lane is bus H in the am and pm.

Route I

Bus I is an afternoon route only, covering Industrial Ave. and St. George Villa.

Route J

Chapman and Fay Lane are on the afternoon Bus J run ( bus L in the mornings).

Route L

Chapman and Fay Lanes are on Bus L in the am, Bus J in the pm. Ledgewood, Katie Lane, Trinity Baptist are bus L in the afternoon (bus D in the am).

Activity Bus starts Thursday, August 30

Williston Central School and Allen Brook School provide an afternoon late-bus on Monday through Thursday for students that are participating in school-sponsored activities such as SPARK, athletics, Part 2, chorus, homework club etc. This bus leaves at 4:25* daily from ABS, 4:35* from WCS , and is only for students participating in a school sponsored activity. Parents should contact the program director to inform them when they want their children to take the activity bus.

*Times on Tuesdays: ABS: 3:25 pm; WCS: 3:35 pm

Hill Closings

On the occasions it is determined a Williston school bus will not be driving on a hill* road during the morning pick up, we hope to be able to contact families early enough for you to get students to a stop at the start of the hill to catch the bus. When the hills are closed in the morning, it includes hills on the preschool bus routes.Alternatively, during the afternoon bus runs, we will contact families to advise you that the bus will need to drop children off at the start of the hill, and you can meet the bus there if necessary. If no one arrives to meet younger students, they will be brought back to school until arrangements are made for them to be picked up. Please talk with your bus drivers to let them know if you are comfortable letting your child walk home from the drop off location.

We will use the Connect 5 automated calling system to send a voice message to families on the hill roads.

*These are the hill roads: Butternut, Highlands, Porterwood, Oak Knoll, Rabbits Run, Evergreen, Fortier, Douglas, Yantz Hill, lower River Cove, Meadow Ridge, Ledgewood, Bayberry, Terrace, Jasmine, Wild Ginger, French Hill**, Sunrise Drive, Sunset, Lincoln.

**Students who live on or off Rt. 2 (Williston Rd) east of the 4-way intersection at the Federated Church should be picked up from school, as the bus will not drive toward French Hill in bad weather.

All buses stop at both Allen Brook School and Williston Central School