Ma celebrite Napoléon Bonaparte

Par Sudiksha Reddy Modugu

Napoleon Bonaparte


  1. Il s’appelle Napoleon Bonaparte

  2. Napoleon Bonaparte a 247 ans et demi

  3. Il vient de France

  4. Il est empereur

  5. Il est de France

  6. Il habite en France

  7. Il aime les échecs

  8. Il ne pas le football américain

  9. Il aime les bleu

  10. Il est sérieux, Il est travailleur, Il est intelligent

  11. Il est yeux gris, il est cheveux marron, il est le dents blanches, Il est petite.

  12. Il porte un pantalon blanc une veste bleu, des bottes noir. Il porte un pantalon noir un manteau marron, une cravatte rouge, des chaussures blanches

  13. Il aime le look c'est élégant

Word bank

Empereur means the Emperor

Reflection Paragraph

Clothes can determine who you are because they reflect your personality and your interests. For example, If you are creative and energetic you may wear bright colors that pop out while more silent and shy people who prefer to blend in wear subtle and neutral toned clothing so they can merge with the crowd. We can use fashion as an identity because it affects how we represent ourselves, how we present ourselves to the world in a way that lets people know who we are and how we act. We should not judge people by how they dress because many people dress to blend into their surroundings and their surroundings might not always be the best so Its hard to figure out how people act by just looking at their clothing instead of looking at their attitude or personality.


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