Who Was Louis Pasteur


by: Grace Pettine

You've probably heard the name Louis Pasteur before. He worked most of his life curing people of diseases. Louis was a wise strong man determined to save the people of the world. Through his hard work and determination. He saved a generation.

Trouble In School

Though you may know Louis as a genius he had a lot of trouble in school. He was having trouble listening. Which in turn gave him great difficulty making friends, But one day his professor saw him walking alone. So he talked to him, not knowing that these talks would of created an amazing man, and teach this man that he needed to be a scientist. So he could save the world.


As Louis was conducting a successful business as a scientist. He realized that the brewing industry was growing. So he looked into it, and found out that the ingredient that makes wines and beers sower can clean milk and lower the chance of infection. At his time in the 1800 milk was one of the main cause of infection so with this new invention he could save several peoples lives.


In Louise's childhood he faced a humongous challenge. A rabid wolf broke into his town wounding and killing several people very close to Louis. So he decided to dedicate his his life to finding a cure. He became a professor at a school and in his free time worked as a scientist. With hard work and long hours he eventually found the cure and was shone great gratitude.


Saturday, September 28, 1895 was a day of morn. The man who saved so many peoples lives died. It caught everyone with surprise. Louis died almost instantly after a stroke. Louise's death devastated the French nation. And on that day he lay in the Pasteur Institute, I know he's up in heaven and smiling at the people he saved.