My name is Nathan Metzger I like hunting,sports,and fishing I shot a 11 point buck and caught a 20 pound cat fish and a 15 pound bass.

living on a farm

I live on an 82 1/2 acer farm my family and i love to hunt and fish i've cought some monster fish in the creek.
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how i like to hunt

When I hunt I like to sit back and relax and listen too the sounds that come from nature unless I sit for like two hours and don't see anything then I get up and start walking I like two stalk the deer it's really fun.
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I am a vey skilled trapper I trap anything that is legal to trap in Ohio its very exciting when you walk up to your trap and see something in it.
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What i hunt and trap

I'm gonna start with the stuff i hunt i duck,deer,turkey. now i'm gonna talk about what i trap i trap beaver,fox,muskrat,pretty much any animal that is legal to trap.
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who helped me learn to trap

My family friend don taught me the ways of a trapper he showed me how to make the traps how to set the traps and showed me the legal ways of a trapper I would consider him as my grandpa.
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