Unemployment Among Veterans

Brenda P. Hernandez


Around our country the unemployment for veterans has become a big issue. Just recently the unemplyment rate increased from 5.7% in November to 6.9% in December according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However women veterans have a higher unemployment rate than male veterans do, decreasing from 12.5% in 2010 to 8.5% in 2014 in comparison with male veterans which is a percentage of 6.9. Not only are veterans the ones suffering from this but so are some of the military spouses. From the research supposedly the unemplyment rate are above those of civilian comparable.

Programs and Recources Available

Although this is a very big problem around America there are many people willing to help out veterans in this situation.

“For veterans who are facing hardship due to being underemployed or unemployed, we encourage you to contact our Rapid Response Referral (RRRP) team to get connected with resources to help you. Contact us directly by calling the toll free number: 855-91-RAPID (855-917-2743) emailing transition@iava.org.(Frazier)"

This is just one help resource of many more out there.


President Obama

“To ease the transition, President Barack Obama has proposed a number of changes for veterans returning from service. He supports incentives for hiring veterans as police officers and firefighters as well as putting veterans to work restoring land and resources through a Veterans Job Corps program.” (Greengard)