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Thursday 18th November

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Kura Tuatahi Toko

Quality learning for all in a caring community.

Kounga ako mo katoa i roto i te taiao e atawhai ana.

Dear parents and friends of our school Kia Ora/Bora Da/Konichi Wa/Hello

Things are really gearing up at school with regards to learning our dances. Everyone is having lots of fun listening to the music, trying to keep in time to the music whilst also trying to remember all the moves. Lots of laughter and fun and maybe some hair pulling from the teachers :)

Just a reminder that Friday 19th November is our last Ministry allocated Teacher Only Day of the year. The school will be closed while teachers spend the day focused on end of year assessments.

Everything is growing like crazy in this warm, wet spring weather. If anyone would like to adopt a small garden to love and look after please get in touch :)

It was great to have four of our tamariki participate in the Lions Speech Finals on Tuesday night - Arlo W, Ben S, Amelia L and Alex G. Special congratulations to Arlo who was placed second and Ben who was placed third. And well done to Zoe from Makahu for placing first. A big thank you to Toko Lions for organising this annual event.

Kim Waite



As you are aware, as of the 16th November all people working in education will need to be vaccinated in order to be onsite when children are expected to be at school. We can assure you that we are working within these guidelines and where required have changed working hours/arrangements to ensure we fall within the requirements of this order.

Just a reminder that in order to help out at school we will require a copy of your vaccination record. These can be emailed to: or you can pop a copy into the school office. In instances where parents and caregivers are not providing work for our school, these parents are still permitted to attend on site whether they are vaccinated or not. As always if you have any questions/queries please do not hesitate to make contact.

Plans are now finalised and approved to proceed with the extension to the staffroom, sick bay and toilet block. We are now just waiting on materials for the project to begin.

We continue to work our way through the National Education Learning Priorities (NELP).

NAG 1 - Curriculum Policy is up for review and staff are providing input into the annual updates of this policy.

Toko School Board


We welcome Finn, Sophie and Jack, our newest five year olds, to Toko School. Happy school days guys.


Correction to Performance Dates

Wednesday 8th December

7.00 pm

Thursday 9th December

1.00pm and 7.00pm

Costumes Required

The teachers have been working hard on perfecting their class dances, and we are now trying to source costumes. Here is a table below of costumes required, if you are able to help out.

Room 1

First Dance:

Girls - Princess Dress (if they have one), or formal dress, tidy flat dress shoes

Boys - Black pants (preferred) or dark coloured jeans, white button up shirt, white or black socks, tidy dress shoes

Second Dance:

Girls - ¾ pants, leggings or skirt, t-shirt, scarf around the neck, tidy flat dress shoes

Boys - jeans rolled up at the bottom, black or white t-shirt, tidy dress shoes

Room 2


Girls - t-shirt tied with knot at the front, short shorts or capri (¾ pants), scarf around neck, little ankle socks in ballet shoes or sneakers


If you have or want to be creative, you can go for the 50’s dress with a tutu underneath to make it flare out.


Jeans rolled up at the bottom

White or black T-shirt

Sneakers with white socks (if you can)


Boys - Dress pants (black if possible) and a button up shirt,( peaky blinder cap or bowler hat) if you have.

Dark coloured jeans or pants preferable

Long tie

Dress shoes if you have

Girls - Long sleeve button up blouse

Long skirt to ankles with a belt around the middle

(there are long black skirts at school from previous productions if needed)

Ballet flat shoes or tidy dress shoes

Room 3


Girls - long dress or skirt worn with blouse. Colour doesn't matter.

Flat shoes

Boys- cheese cutter cap, suspenders, jeans or dress pants. White or light

coloured t shirt. Tidy shoes


Girls & Boys- smart casual. What you would wear to a party.

Room 4

Girls 1940’s

  • Waist belt

  • Slip on ballet flats and plain short socks above the ankle (see pic)

  • Blouse or top with collar and A-line knee length skirt


  • A knee length dress with collar and waist belt - A-Line

Girls 1970’s

  • Black bike shorts

  • Sequined sparkly T-Shirt or dress

  • Sparkly shoes or boots if you have them (will see what options suit best)

Boys 1910’s

  • Plain white shirt with collar - long or short sleeved.

  • Black trousers

  • Belt

  • Black shoes and socks

  • Tie if have one

  • Any flat cap cheese cutter style hats you might have at home

Boys 1970’s

  • Black plain T-shirt or black shirt with collar

  • Gold chain or necklace

  • White pants (e.g cricket pants). (If you can’t source these please just let us know and don’t purchase any we will likely use jeans or black pants instead)

  • Aviator or hippy style circular sunglasses (love hearts/star shapes etc - must stay on face when dancing not be loose

Room 5

1900’s style waltz

Boys -

Dark dress pants

Bowtie ( no bright colours)

White or light coloured shirt

Dress shoes/ dark shoes ( if possible)


1910 long flowy style dress and hat or fascinator if possible similar to the dresses worn on the titanic, ballet flats.


Footloose dancers - Long Business style socks, Long Dress shorts or pants, Shirt, Neck Tie, Sunglasses Any old style briefcase or bag if possible

Michael Jackson - White shirt, black pants, and glove OR Micheal Jackson style outfit with glove, Zombie style outfit

Cindy Lauper style outfits - Hoop earrings, mesh gloves, leg warmers, bright colours,

Mc Hammer style baggy pants ( low crotch style) - preferable dark

Bright colour jacket/ shirt/ waistcoat, Dark Sunglasses

Room 6

Charleston Dance

Girls - simple sleeveless type of dress, around knee length if possible. Colour doesn't matter. Flat shoes. I will source headbands.

Boys - black/dark pants, white/light shirt, dark sneakers/shoes. I will source suspenders and bow ties.

90's Dances

Girls -blue jeans (high waisted if you have them) and bright coloured t-shirts, sneaker type shoes

Boys - blue jeans and white or black t-shirts, sneaker type shoes

To order your tickets - go to the Kings Theatre - website and book your tickets from there. The link will be going live this weekend!

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The Friends of Toko School would like each child in our school to donate at least one item for this raffle. To ensure we get a wide variety of items we are asking that each class bring a different food item. Please ensure items are not damaged or expired. Thank you.

Room 1 Miss Mancer- Cans

Room 2 Mrs Oliver - Packet

Room 3 Mrs Coulson- Bottle

Room 4 Mrs Wyllie and Mrs Fergus- Christmas Item

Room 5 Mrs Fuller - Other

Room 6 Mrs Hancock- Confectionery.

All donations can be dropped off at the office before the end of November please. Thank you in anticipation for supporting this.


We have a little survey that we wish whanau to complete. This is around learning behaviours at Toko School. Could you please have a discussion with your child about their learning behaviours before completing this survey. For the first 10 questions answered, we will provide an enviro prize.

2022 YEAR 3 - 5 CAMP

Year 3 - 5 camp forms are going home today. These will require completing and returning back to school by 26th November. If you would like to be a parent helper on camp, a Police Vet will need to be completed. A form for this is at the office and you need to bring 2 types of ID - one of these being a photo ID - eg drivers licence, passport etc.


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On a very windy Wednesday 3rd November we had 2 teams play in the sevens competition in Inglewood. It was a great day and everyone played well as a team. The wind was a big factor in all the games ( nearly blowing us away) A huge thanks to Clint and Tim for taking your time to coach the teams.


Congratulations to Ella, our Term 3 Enviro Leader.



Keen to run/walk once a week on a Wednesday night, 6pm at War Memorial Hall carpark.

The Stratford Runners and Walkers have just started up a Wednesday night group run/walk/bike, for any age and ability. You don’t have to be a member of the club to join and there is no cost.

If you have any questions please text Tracy 027 318 5673.

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