Is Our World Changing?

Technology is everywhere. Look to the right and you see a tablet and look to the left and you see a TV. Yes, technology is making our life easier in countless ways, but is it changing in the right way. Social media is stopping kids from communicating face to face or sending a letter. The internet is making people lazier and not actually looking at the facts and lastly cyber bulling.

Social Media

Social media is a fast and easy way to communicate, but these types of websites are stopping kids from talking to people face to face or sending a letter. When sending a message to the public or a specific person it can be read in a way that it wasn't supposed to be read. For example 'I'm busy' I could send this to my best friend but she might a) think I don't want to talk to her so I can talk to someone else or b) I'm actually really busy maybe I can talk later. If she thinks of this message in a bad way then our friendship could be ruined. If your talking face to face the tone of voice you use can be picked up and received the right way. Not sending letters is also a problem. If people aren't sending letters it can put people out of jobs therefore leading people in to undeveloped environment unless you can find a job straight away which is very difficult. Not only does it effect the person but it also effects the children they have, the pets they care for and the husband/wife they love. Loosing their job can also down grade their kids form other children and make feel less important or unhappy.

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Becoming Lazy

Sitting on the couch searching on Google research for your project shouldn't cut it but, because of technology being at our reach it's the easiest option. Back when my parents were little they would have walked to the library taken out around 10-15 books and read through them trying to find facts and pictures that would be relevant to the topic. Why don't kids in the 21st century do that. Not only that but if you are staring at an electronic device for a long period of time it can create eye damage that doesn't need to be created. As a person that, like everyone, uses technology on a daily basis I know that it can become addictive. If more and more people become addicted it can stop society because everyone will be inside some un-educational rubbish. While being addictive to these devices you can become overweight because all your doing is sitting in front of a screen stopping exercise.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bulling is a huge problem in this day and age and it really shouldn't be. Hiding behind screens is a massive cause for cyber bullying. Some people think that just because no one can see you it's ok to send rude or abusive things to other people that they may not even know. Yes, everyone will come across mean things on the internet by accident, but we can all prevent these things by going on the internet only once or twice a day for a reasonable time like 30-40 minutes. If we all spend less time on the internet cyber bullying will be prevented because people will have a time limit and have less reason to post immature things. Cyber bullying can hurt someone's feelings and make them less confident in themselves. Stop cyber bullying today- it's just not right!

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In conclusion I believe that technology is making a bad affect in our daily lives. We should all contribute to limiting tech use to make our lives healthier, smarter and happier. I am 99% sure that you all agree! If you do spread the word stop cyber bullying, laziness and social media use.

Stop Cyber Bulling Day

I think so strongly about this matter and would like to stop it completely but the most I can do now is tell you about this great day that was created. Stop Cyber Bullying Day is an international awareness day launched by the Cybersmile Foundation on the 21st of June 2013, which takes place on the third Friday in June annually. The day encourages social media users around the world to be nice online and show their support for the campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #StopCyberbullingDay. The day takes place mostly in the UK but we could try and make it bigger in Australia next year (2015).
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