Taking Care of a Pug

by: Elena Flask

Expenses of a pug

Usually pugs can cost $250 for a normal pure bred pug, but for a young pug that will be a show dog can cost from $1,500-$2,000. Expenses may also include dog food -which wont be a lot since a pug is a pretty small dog-,vet care which include rabies shots, parvovirus , hepatitis ,and canine distemper are main vaccinations but there are also canine adenovirus, measles, par-influenza, bordatella, leptospirosis, corinvirus, and lime disease. You need to buy toys, collars, leashes, flea, and heart worm vaccines.

Time Commitment

Pugs don't require very much time. They don't need walks very often, in fact if they get to many walks it can actually be bad for them because their small noses make it hard to breath and so they can overheat easily. The heat is also bad for their hearts. You will need to groom them though because they have so many wrinkles if they aren't cleaned regular they can get infections.
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How long do they live?

Pugs live 11-15 years but can die earlier due to health problems.


You would probably think either you get dry food or wet food but most people actually give their pugs dry food with water mixed in. Dry food usually cost about 10$ a month.