Tiziano Vecellio

Titian Artist


Tiziano Vecellio also known as Titian.Titian was from a family of lawyers and Civil Servants. Grew up in Venice Italy. At the age of nine Titian began to study painting with Giovanni Bellini,Titian became a pupil of him.When Titian was a teen he became a to apprentice of the Venetian artist Sebastiano Zuccata .


Some of titans greatest works were; The Assumption Of The Virgin(1516-1518) ,The Bacchanal of the Andrians (1518-1519) ,Bacchus and Ariadne (1520–1523),Venus of Urbino (1538),Charles V (1548).

Impact On Today

Titan brought new vigor to religious and created dynamic portrays of allegories and myths to the world today.Titian was one of the first to paint on rough canvas and made the pictures look alive.

Interesting Facts

After Giorgione and Bellini died Titan became the official painter of the Republic. Titan became one of the wealthiest painters in art history.His son Orazio dies of the same plague that took titans life months later. His sumptuous(expensive-looking) mansion was plundered during the plague by thieves.Most of his paintings were in oil pastel.

Titian~Renaissance Presentation


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