The Buzz

Ms. Larrabee's 1st Grade Class!

The Buzz This Week (12/7 - 12/11)

Social/ Emotional: We are taking a break from social emotional lessons again this week as we learn about coding with our iPads. This week is "Hour of Code" week, where the students will use different programs to learn how to code each day for 20 minutes!

Writing: The students will continue working through the writing process of their Small Moments piece this week. We will be revising, editing, peer editing and writing our final drafts this week and next.

Reading: We're continuing to learn about Non-Fiction texts and their features this week. We're learning about the text features: table of contents, headings, key words, diagrams, captions, labels, etc. We'll also work on reading comprehension with Non-Fiction texts. In addition, we'll be reading a short Non-Fiction passage about bats.

Word Work: This week our studies in vocabulary will be with the constant blends: cl, bl and pl. The new sight words we'll be practicing include: may, part, about, word, find.

Social Studies: We did not get to start Geography last week because we spent more time on light and sound. We started our Geography unit today. This week we'll learn about maps and globes. We'll also complete a project where we'll learn our place on the map.

Math: We've learned all about shapes and we'll continue to learn about shapes as we begin our fractions of shapes unit this week. We'll learn what fractions are, how to make halves, thirds and fourths out of the shapes we've been busy learning.

"Buzz Worthy" Things to Look Out For...

  • Skating: We'll be skating when we have PE and Wellness both this week and next. To prevent kids from forgetting their helmets, I'm planning on keeping your child's helmet at school unless I hear otherwise.
  • Skate Night: We're having a Family Skate Night on Thursday, December 17th. Sign up forms were sent home today. If you would like to participate, please fill out and return the form to school.
  • Foreign Language Club: Keysor is starting a Foreign Language club! Sign up sheets were sent home today. Spots for this club are on a first come, first serve basis. If your child would like to participate, please fill out the form and bring it back to school as soon as possible.
  • On Monday, December 14th there is a Board of Education meeting about budget proposals.


Monday: Skating

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Skating

Thursday: Library

Friday: Art

Last Week...

(11/30 - 12/4)

We had a great time welcoming each other back from our Thanksgiving holiday break. We shared several stories and through writing as well as verbal about our breaks. We also spent a lot of time revisiting our school-wide expectations, which paid off because we earned three Pawfect Awards! Our class now has 24 Pawfect Awards!