Google Drive & Videos

Share videos (and pictures) easily for group presentations!

You can either film your video directly into Google Drive or put an already made video into your drive. See directions for both below!

Open Google Drive App on the iPad

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Choose the folder where you want to put the video. This can be a shared folder with other students, if it is a group project.

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Shooting a Video Directly Into Google Drive

Click the + button in the bottom right corner and choose Use Camera
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Shoot your video, then choose Use Video. The video will automatically be put into the Drive folder.

You can use this for pictures as well. Be aware that videos and pictures take a little while to finish uploading, so they will not be available immediately. Keep the iPad on and give it a few minutes.

Students can then use each other's videos to create Google Slides or iMovie presentations.

Uploading iMovie videos to Drive is still problematic because they are so huge, and uploading takes a prohibitive amount of time from an iPad. I would suggest creating a class Vimeo account and uploading videos that way to share with the class. You will have to help students do that.

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Putting Already Completed Videos Into Google Drive

Follow the directions above, but instead of choosing Use Camera, choose Upload, then Photos and Video.

Choose your video and let it upload. Remember to be patient.

Sharing Videos with Others

Follow the pictures below. Click on the menu icon at the top right (three dots). Choose Add Person.