What To Expect

Kelly Chavez Flores / Hour:5

First Trimester (Month 1-3)

In the First Trimester the mom will feel nauseous. Over time she will feel overwhelmed and tired. The mom should know that the placenta develops and that the baby is the size of a grain rice. The baby's heart beats really fast , the babies intestines and body parts start to form. At 2 Months you will be able to see the facial features and nails and eyes will start forming. The babies bones start to replace cartilage. At 3 months , teeth are developing and the baby is about 7.6-10 cm long.

Second Trimester (Months 4-6)

By the Second Trimester the mom has gained 14 pounds. She will experience abdominal pain , extreme thirst & possibly gestational diabetes, swelling may occur and vision problems maybe be caused. The baby will weigh as much as a chicken breast , the baby will be able to yawn & you will be able to see the babies finger prints.

Third Trimester (Month 7-9)

The mom should eat plenty of calcium foods. She may experience heart burns , abdominal pain , contractions, backache, leaky breast and bladder problems. She may develop stretch marks from how big the baby is getting. She will gain 25-35 pounds. The baby weighs about 2.5 pounds , is about 16 inches long. It has developed 5 senses , brain growth and it ha started to blink.

Tips for the Father

The father should help around the house so the mother won't be so tired. He should make sure she is comfortable at all times , make sure she is eating healthy and getting enough rest. When she is in pain, talk to her calmly. When in labor be by her side and tell her everything is going to be alright.