Come Buy Land in the Coastal Plains

We got Waaaaaaater!

Our Land is the best!!! And It's Cheap!!!

Come buy 60 Acre land for 6.00$!!!

Some reasons to come to our Little Colony!

Colonization Laws...

All good things have to have sooome rules...

.1) There will be NO Slavery allowed. If you are caught... "50 YEARS DUNGEON!!!"

.2) There will have to be at least ONE person who is a FARMER per family.

.3) If any of these laws are broken... "50 YEARS DUNGEON!!!"

.4) You have to be Nice and Sweet :)

.5) Have Fun. (But not tooooo much)

P.S. The Picture is the Dungeon!!!

a very Nice Dungeon...

Welcome to Coastal Plains!!!

Where you can have Fun, In, The, SUN!!!

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