What is Advertising?

Jasper Hong

What is Advertising?

Advertising is the activity of profession of producing advertisements for commercial products of services.

The techniques of advertisement in France is similar to the methods used in America. Billboards, endorsements, and mascots are widely used in French. Online advertising, such as: video ads, banners, promotional emails, and corporate websites, has become increasingly popular among companies as well.

It is debatable whether advertising benefits the economy or not. Some may argue that advertisements merely create artificial needs and are essentially psychological ploys. Advertisements have been showed to enlarge corporate sales immensely, and theoretically can raise self-control among the viewers and encourage materialism.

A number of advertisements are both or either persuasive and informative. The omnipresence of ads discreetly build recognition and daily associations of the product. Commercials tend to emphasize the positive aspects of life and brings positivity among the crowd.

Sellers use obvious persuasion methods; analogous to mechanized ads, to convince potential buyers that the said product would be favorable in their lives.

L'Oreal Makeup

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Uriage Thermal Water

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American Peanut Butter v. French Peanut Butter

  1. What is the product? Peanut Butter

  2. The target audience? People without peanut allergies.

  3. The goal or message? To promote the consumption of peanut butter.

  4. What makes it interesting? The formation of butter, but of peanuts.

Beyonce L'oreal

The Queen's L'Oreal Commercial

  1. What is the product? L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick

  2. The target audience? People who wear lipstick.

  3. The goal or message? Just because Beyonce can pull it off does not guarantee that you can.

  4. What makes it interesting? Beyonce(Public Figure)