The Mighty Saola

Recently discovered endangered species


The Saola is a recently discovered endangered animal that is found in the forests along the Annamite mountain range on the border between Viet Nam and Lao People's Democratic Republic. The saola has a deep chestnut brown color with also red and black changing throughout seasons and theres body's are 96cm tall and weighs 176 to 220 pounds. Male saola's have horn spands ranging from 35-50cm long and these are used for defense and also to harm prey.

Geographic location and habitat

There location is between the borders of Vietnam and Cambodia. The saola lives in broadleaf rainforests in the Annamite Mountains of The Loa People's Democratic Republic and Viet Nam. Saola's main diet and food that they need to survive consist of leafy plants, fig leaves, and stems along rivers.

Role In The Ecosystem

Saola's are known as herbivore because they eat leafy plants, fig leaves, and stems.

Threats and Solutions

Threats for saola are them being hunted or being trapped for other animals to feast on. To stop this they are having laws put into effect and also different also different actions implaments.