Ella Enchanted

By: Gail Carson Levine

All about Ella Enchanted.

Ella Enchanted is a very good fairy tale. Ella is our protagonist in the book who we follow the whole story. She is a adventurous, obedient,and caring girl. When she was a baby her fairy godmother Lucinda gave her a curse of always being obedient no matter what. If somebody asked her to do something she got the choice whether she wanted to do it or not, but if it was a order she had to follow it. Ella Enchanted simulates the story we all know, "Cinderella". Ella has two stepsisters (Hattie and Olive) and a stepmother (Dame Olga). Yes they make her work day and night all the time and listen to all of her orders, but sometimes the cook Mandy doesn't let them take to much of advantage of her. Ella's mom died when she was young and her father never cares for her anyway so all she has is Mandy until she meets the handsome Charmont. My favorite part in the book is when she has to go to finishing school with her sisters and she finds her best friend Areida and they have to get through finishing school together. Also in this book she gets to go to 3 cotillions and she is trying to win Charmont over the other Maidens there Does she do it? I would recommend this book to 10 and up for some of the tough vocabulary in the book. I think you should buy this book it is worth every penny you spend it is like taking a adventure into another world. If you love a good fairy tale this is for you.


"Touching,beautifully told" - New York Times Book Review

"Poignant and energetic" - Publishers Weekly


Their is 29 chapters in this wonderful book. It is a Newberry Honor book. This book was published in 1997 so this book is 19 years old. You can find this book in 4 different languages.


This book has helped me find some joy back into the Cinderella story. It's courageous adventures through the book makes you just want to go climb in the woods or go on a little adventure or even learn some ogre language.