Tuesday Tidbit

HPS Library

Check it out!

April is Math Awareness Month

We have a bunch of great Math books in our Professional Section in the Library. They are a great way to introduce or review a math concept.

In addition here are a few Math Titles you might want to check out:

That's a possibility! 519.2 GOL

A look at possibility placed ina real-world context. A book about what might happen.

1+1=5 and other unlikely additions 513.2 LAR

Fun look into how pictures help to tell the story

Edgar Allan Poe's Pie 811 LEW

Math puzzlers in classic poems - Perfect blend of math and poetry for poetry month

Musk Ox Counts E CAB

See last weeks Tuesday Tidbits

Fun with Roman Numerals 513.5 ADL

Tell the kids its like a secret code cuz no one knows them anymore!!!

Technology Tip

Type it, Speak it, Listen to it

There has to be at least one creative teacher out there that can make use of this online text to speech website:


You can use it to hear typed text spoken with any one of 14 different accents using 14 different voices. It's amazing!

I'm thinking kids could type sentences and have them read back to them, then amove on to typing short stories. It would be good practice for their keyboarding skills and the motivation of hearing their typed words spoken might expand their interest in writing!