Team Bullard

Here's what's happening in the huddle...


This week we read On Top of Spaghetti by Katherine Tillotson. We focused on the following skills:

  • cause and effect
  • words in the -it, -ot, and -at families


We read the story, Pink! by Lynne Rickards. Pink! is about a penguin named Patrick who wakes up one day to find he turned pink! He doesn't know what to do, so he runs away. He swims all the way to Africa to live with a group of flamingoes. After a short time, he realizes he doesn't fit in because he can't fly, eat like they do, or sleep on one leg. So, he packs up and heads back home. When he arrives home, his family and friends are so happy to see him and he quickly realizes it's OK to be different. We made a pink penguin craft and next week we will write about our penguin adventures.


We began to work in unit 6 learning about:

  • the addition/subtraction facts table
  • problem solving

We sent home our first math journal. The pages we did not complete are a great opportunity for extra practice at home.

social studies

We researched facts about George Washington and completed a compare and contrast project for our two honored presidents this month.

100th Day

This past Wednesday we celebrated our 100th day of school. We read 100th Day Worries and a poem with 100 words. Everyone wrote 100 words, stories about turning 100 years old, and stories about what we'd do with $100. In math, we measured items in our classroom that were less than, equal to, and greater than 100 centimeters. We ended our day with 2 science experiments. We predicted and tested what weighed more...100 kernels of popped popcorn or 100 kernels of unpopped popcorn. Along those same lines, we predicted how far up 100 drops of water would fill a glass jar. By far, it was a fun day for all!

Looking Ahead

Next week we will:

  • read a story called Road Builders
  • write a creative 5 sentence paragraph
  • continue our study of word families
  • learn about name collection boxes and fact families in math
  • study how different animals use their teeth
  • learn about dental health