Hernán Cortés

By: Jarred Durre

Conquest to Mexico

Hernan was a spanish conquistador. Who was from spain but then went to Cuba. In 1518 Velázquez put cortes in comand of an expadition to explor and secure mexico for colonization. A few hours before departure, Velázquez changed who he wanted to lead the expadition but cortes went anyway. It was him 500 men, 13 horses, and a few cannons. He landed at the Yucatan Peninsula. He formaly claimed the land spanish territory. He went to trinidad to round up more troops and horse. At Trinidad he met his future wife and 9 other women and converted them to christianity. He demanded a meeting with the aztecs to talk but when they refused he declared war and killed off the aztecs that where waiting for him and his men. The aztecs documented that they thought they were being attacked with extra-terestrial weapons but it was firearms. Hernan captured some aztecs and tortured them to see if they would tell him were the gold and riches were. That is what cortes is known for today finding mexico like columbus founded the Americas.

Hernán Cortés's Life

He was born in 1485 in Medellin,Spain. His mom maria was a infatry captian. At the age of 14 he was sent to the University of Salamanca in central Spain. He studied law and latin at this University. His parents hoped for him to go into a legal carrer but he did not. He used this knowledge of the legal system to help him in his conquest to mexico. Most people today believed he had a mental illness it was some form of insanity that was most likely true. He was one of the most greedy people ever known greed is what drove him insane. He died on December 2, 1547 at Castilleja de la Cuesta of natural cuases or illness.
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