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Helena's Playlist (Of running songs)

Theme: Helena's Love for Demetrius

Helena goes through lots of emotions in this play, jealousy of Hermia, plain old love for Demetrius and hatred for a lot of people.
Blank Space Taylor Swift ( Official Lyric Video )

Blank Space-Taylor Swift (sorry the video sounds so weird)

She(Helena) really wants Demetrius and I think this song symbolizes her saying "I've got a blank space waiting for you whenever you are ready". She's not as innocent as she looks but she want's Demetrius like a hungry tiger and it might work it might not but she will keep trying but when she gets him she kills it all. "Nightmare dressed as a daydream".
Carbon Leaf - Comfort


This is because Helena saying she's actually saying the opposite to Demetrius. "Could you be any LESS comfort to me?" "I've given you so much of my life yet STILL you blow me off; put me away". She wants someone to be there and comfort her but she feels like no one is, and maybe that's why she talks about her love life to so many people because she wants someone.
Marina and the Diamonds - How To Be a Heartbreaker

How To Be a Heartbreaker- Marina and the Diamonds

This one is pretty self- explanatory. Maybe it's Helena's way of getting over Demetirus or what she want to say to Demetrius that he doesn't need it because he already know how. He did it to her after all.
Carbon Leaf - "She's Gone"

She's Gone (For Good This Time!)-Carbon Leaf

Also fairly basic but it would be "He's Gone!" after all. I have to say I don't think Demetrius feels this way about Helena for most if not all of the play. He keeps almost leaving her life but she finds ways to bring him back. After enough times, she gets him.
Mean - Taylor Swift Lyrics

Mean- Taylor Swift

I think this would be Helena's way of saying I'm going to get over you, you are not going to matter to me in the future. Secretly, though, inside she is thinking "Just...not...today. I LOVE YOU COME HERE BE MINE". Why you gotta be so mean to me Demetrius I am a human after all! Just a slightly... evil one.
"Apologize" One Republic Music Video

Apologize- One Republic

Helena is upset because she keeps trying to get Demetrius and nothing is working and then she is getting mad and saying that it's too late for him to apologize. She took a chance and it didn't get and didn't get anywhere and now she is mad. As she tends to be.
Shadows - Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

Shadows- Lindsey Stirling

This is more from Demetrius's perspective but it still relates to the topic. This is Demetrius saying to Helena, "I loved you but now I don't. However, you are still my shadow and I can't shake you." And the song itself has multiple parts of fast and slow which I think is Helena and Demetrius's relationship throughout the play. Up and down.
[Lyrics] ABBA-Take a Chance on Me

Take A Chance On Me- ABBA

Helena saying "Hey! Demetrius! If you change your mind about Hermia- Take a chance on me. I'm free! Right...over....here?" All she wants right now in her life. As idiotic (sorry) as it seems to me, she is unable to see that boys DO NOT matter that much that you need to go to those measures to get one. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. But yeah, I know there needs to be conflict to have a story line so she is written as a character blinded to that realization.
Bastille - Laura palmer (lyrics video)

Laura Palmer- Bastille

How I interpreted this which was weird even to me is you try to run away, like Demetrius tried to run away from Helena but it almost never works. And can you feel that pull of the fact that you DO want Helena but you try to deny it?
Imagine Dragons - Bleeding Out {Lyrics}

Bleeding Out- Imagine Dragons

She tried to give Demetrius so much and he didn't appreciate any of it Helena feels like so she's quite upset with that fact. She wants him to A. Appreciate her B. Appreciate her actions/ just what she does and C. Love her. That's pretty much a summary of that story line.
Viva La Vida by Coldplay Lyrics

Viva La Vida- Coldplay

Helena thinks she rules the world that only she matters and then when she came crashing down or I could say when she comes she likes to blame other people and say they weren't there for her.