Big, Bold August Blitz!

Win the BIG Prize! Book 2 in 2!

August 2nd- Participate VIRTUALLY

What will booking 2+ trunk shows now for August and September do for you? It will secure the best Fall selling season. Need a little motivation to get on the phone?

Take two hours to book 2+ trunk shows! Let's all do this together.

On vacation or at home, you can join a team and participate to win. Your $10 entry* commits you to 2 hours of CALLING for Trunk Shows on August 2nd and enters you to win the MONEY. With 100 participants, 1 lucky winner will walk away with $1,000 PRIZE! 200 participants and we will give away even more to a couple of lucky winners. Sign up now under your team of choice and you will automatically be entered to win. Stay tuned for updates and join us on *Entry fee is $10 plus eventbrite fees.

Virtual- Make your calls from where ever you are!

Join a virtual team through the eventbrite link. Set aside 2 hours on August 2nd to make your calls. Report back to your team before the close of the official blitz. Call in number to be provided for 15 minute rally call. (10am/1pm/6pm or 9pm EST). Register with a virtual team on,
use this link to OFFICIALLY REGISTER

Join a Team-
Team Elise/Claire/Blair/Wendy/Lesley
Team Kelly/Julie/Samantha/Barbara/Donna- Southern Charms
Team North East
Team Savvy Stylistas
Team Charmed & Dangerous
Team Belles & Bling
Team Stella Stars
Team Couture Club
Team Bijoux Bellas

Who else is in? The more the better! Email to register your team

This event is sponsored by various area leaders.

It is intended to be a fun, productive way to help you book more trunk shows for August and September. Our intention is to give you added flexibility for your summer schedule. Your prize is in booking trunk shows and sharing the style with many other women. Your motivation should come from with in but a little cash prize can't hurt! Winner will take the pot, up to $1,000 and any remainder will be used for extra prizes. Winner will be selected by random drawing. Every stylist that enters will have at least 1 chance to win and can participate in other challenges to add extra chances. You must report your success to your team leader in order to have entries added. Winner will receive money within 7 days after Eventbrite processing is final.