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Sports Tourism in Spain

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Recently, the Spanish government allotted nearly 50 million Euros to project Spain as the ideal international sports tourism destination. This included upgrading existing sports infrastructure and also construction and maintenance of thousands of sports tourism related projects across the country. The advertising campaign projected Spain as the location of choice for all kinds of land, water and air sports for all age groups, from beginners to advanced.

With nearly 5000 km of coastline, Spain has inherent advantages for marine sports, diving, sailing, water and theme parks, water sports events etc. Spain's diverse geographical areas include major mountain ranges like the Pyrenees, the Sierras, the Balearics, Catalans etc and all these are eminently suited for adventure sports, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, cave-exploration, trekking, walks, horse-riding, para-gliding, climbing in summer and skiing and winter sports in winter. Road trips in 4x4s, F1 racing, go-karting, spectator sports like football, tennis, etc are also available. There are many rivers that criss-cross the country and these offer great opportunities for white-water rafting, canoing and fishing among other sports. For those who are interested in ballooning, parachuting or hand-gliding, there are ample opportunities for all these.

For the sports and adventure tourist, there are hundreds of sports and leisure tourism companies who can give you the best advice on location, season and features to look for. If you're interested in a combination of activities, you can plan your holiday around these and perhaps find a location that is ideally situated within easy access of all. Groups or families who are interested in walking or climbing tours can opt for a villa rental in the area of choice and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the mountains. In many of these places, you can also combine your sports and adventure activities with interesting sight-seeing, as there are some magnificent old fortresses and churches along these remote trails. Many castles and strongholds have been converted into beautiful and convenient resorts called Paradors and they offer the best of facilities for tourists.

Some sports and activities may require the services of guides or instructors and your tourism company should put you in touch with an experienced person. Licenses may be required for some activities like hot-air ballooning, while the services of a guide are welcome during trekking, mountaineering or traveling through unfamiliar terrain. Water sports may also require instructors and security personnel to be on hand for your own safety. Guides can also assist you with paper-work and navigation.

The spectacular nature parks offer a glimpse of Spain's diverse flora and fauna, while the hundreds of riding clubs and equestrian centers all over the country are your best bet for a horseback tour.Spain has something to offer every adventure and sports tourist, no matter how old or how experienced they are.

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