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29th October, 2021

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Dear Students,

The Month of October went by fast and was packed with activities.

Freshmen and Sophomores enjoyed Sancho in the Woods, MAP testing, Meditation and a workshop on Email Tips & Tricks. Sophomores and Juniors did PSATs to prepare for SAT exams. Seniors did the Thriving Index Inventory as well as a meditation and affirmation exercise, which taught them how to relax the body while changing thought perceptions. Here is the guided meditation that many of you experienced and benefitted from.

During this exercise you mentally affirmed that:

  • You are not defined by your test scores.
  • You are not defined by your grades.
  • You are not defined by what people think of you.

We encourage you to continue doing this meditation along with this positive self-talk and observe the beautiful changes in your perception.

We also invite you to go over this Newsletter and savor this month's highlights.

Tessa John-Guerra

US Counselor

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Felipe is sharing his Argentinian tradition with friends!

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The trip is part of a tradition to teambuild amongst 9th and 10th grade classes that has been going on for years.

Sancho In The Woods was created a few years ago by Javi García, the former US Counselor. In its conception it was meant to be an overnight trip to the mountains of Madrid, and that's how it was for its first three iterations.

The idea of the day trip is for the students to engage with each other and teacher chaperones in a relaxed outdoor setting, amid the rolling pines of the Sierra de Madrid, as they undertake a wide variety of fun outdoor activities that include zip-lining, climbing and archery. Everyone revels in fun sports as macro and micro-communities are forged.

The entire group is then treated to a hot meal before they board the bus back to school.

The trip is a great kick-starter to the year and in its best versions, it becomes a great way to set the tone for the rest of the school year.

Eric Foinquinos

Advisor & Sancho Chaperone

Upper School Social Studies and Arts Teacher

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Advisory Message from Terrence Dillon Head of Grade 9

Click on the blue button above to see Mr. Terrence Dillon as he shares experiences from Sancho in the Woods and glimpses of Grade 9 Advisory in October. He also spoke on the importance of MAP testing and ended with words of inspiration using quotes.

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This month during Advisory, Juniors and Seniors began an in-depth journey into the theme of Diversity.

Chimamanda's Ted Talk on The danger of a single story was featured and powerful follow-up questions were posed such as:

  • How and why do we project single stories on others?
  • How do our emotions shift when we realize there is more than a single story?
  • How can we transcend our perceptions in relation to other people’s single stories?

As Juniors and Seniors continue this journey into next month, the Black in Madrid docu-series will be screened leaving enough time during Advisory to discuss salient points arising from the different episodes.

The Purpose of these series is:

  1. To imagine the single stories we might tell - or might be told by others - about ourselves.
  2. To consider ways in which we can transcend our perceptions in relation to other people's "single stories".
  3. To explore how "a single story" can perpetuate stereotypes.

Key Skills students develop in this process are:




Mindful Listening

Awareness of our unconscious biases

Extending ideas through group discussions

Chimamanda reminds us that we must not only seek diverse points of view, we must also tell our own stories, ones that are true to our own personal experiences.

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Find the Study Method that's right for you!

The video below explores HOW to learn. Since there is no single path, it's important to know the learning method that is right for you. This is extremely important to reduce your workload, get better results and feel stress free.

Study Skills - Better learning

Get your own digital copy of this Study Space & Routine doc. You will be prompted to click on "make a copy" to preserve the master template. Make an extra copy and rename it every time you need to use it as a guide. Change it up to suit your goals!

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CLICK HERE to book Tessa for personalized assistance!

If you need help in setting up a study space & school routine or to discuss any other issue, please book an appointment with Tessa by clicking on the blue button above. Or email if you would like to book another available time.

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Types of Agricultural Careers - Guide to Careers in Agriculture
Professor James Sterns answers the question

"What is Agribusiness?" and shows various degree Pathways to Agribusiness and careers in Agriculture in general.

"What is Agribusiness?": The Oregon State Dictionary of Applied Economics
How to Become an Agricultural Engineer | step-by-step guide

We hope you enjoyed the videos above!

The agriculture industry is booming with lucrative career pathways. It is an interdisciplinary field that draws from several disciplines such as Economics, Management, Marketing, Political Economy, Political Science, Environmental Science, Agricultural Science, Computer Science, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

Virtual Tea and Talk

Why Your Grades Don't Define You by Virtual Tea and Talk

Sip some tea or maté during this long weekend and take some time to listen to the above!!!

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