NASA app

for android


The NASA app is a very good app, being created by such a well know program. It has many features like updates on missions, pictures, video, and news. It provides constant updates on what is going on in the NASA program. Like when launches are going on or tests.

Educational Value


The NASA app is obviously educational but here are just a few of its many features. Like the constant news, picture, video, and missions. There are a few launch tests coming up and there will be a launch to the space station, I learned that from the app. The pictures are of galaxies, stars, planets, shuttles, and mores. The videos are of interview with astronauts, launches, and more. The news they provide is very interesting like the recently discovered ice on mars or how the shuttle is being transported to the Smithsonian. I learned all of this from the NASA app and any one who does will soon become an expert on space.