Clark Middle School PTSO

May 2013

New PTSO Officers Elected

At the May 13th PTSO meeting, the following were elected to serve on the PTSO Executive Board for the 2013-2014 school year:

Vickie Leland, president

Tina Paynter, vice-president

Tammy Brooks, treasurer

Renee Ware, secretary

Congratulations to the new committee!

New SBDM Council Elected

In the elections held in April, the following were elected to the Clark Middle School Site-Based Decision Making Council for the upcoming school year:

Parent Members

Tasha Robinson

Robert Abner

Teacher Members

Katie Berner

Kelly Maggard

Renee Ware

ebooks Are Here!

Thanks to the success of this year's Scholastic Book Fair, the library was able to expand it's ebook collection just in time for summer. For the steps to access their ebooks on your iPads and Androids, click here and view the Follett ebooks Prezi. Access through your iPhones is coming soon! For further information contact


The yearbooks for this school year are expected to arrive the first week of June. Upon arrival, notifications will be made by e-mail to everyone and by phone for those who have pre-ordered. It will also be posted on the CMS website and the parent portal. Contact us at for further information.

Volunteer Appreciation

The PTSO has finished out our year with a flurry of activity. It has been such a busy time, but so many of you generously gave of your time anyway. We could not accomplish what we do without the support of our members!

We'd like to start by thanking all of you who brought goodies to share with the Clark Middle staff during Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. The bountiful spread we were able to provide really helped the staff "feel the love!"

To our Spring Fling Dance volunteers, Vickie Leland, Terry and Ray Sandy, Danah Stevenson, Terri Townsend, Janet Robinson, Shannon Hiser, Carson Brooks, Nancy Hamlin, Tina Paynter, Lisa Rivera, and Heather Howard - this year's Spring Fling was the biggest and best yet thanks to all of you!

Much appreciation also goes out to the following K-Prep Testing hallway monitors: Andrea Brandenburg, RonyJo Homan, Robbin Large, Heather Rowe, Kelsey Bellamy, Barbara Hisle, Scottie Combs, Jody Horn, Lisa Rivera, Nancy Hamlin, Tina Paynter, Ray Sandy, Terry Sandy, and Linda Rector. You have provided a terrific service to Clark Middle by allowing the staff to focus all of their time and attention on our kids. Thank you.

And finally, on May 10th, we welcomed and entertained over 130 incoming 6th graders and many of their parents to Clark Middle for the Second Annual WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) Dance that was hosted by the PTSO and next year's student WEB leaders. This was a hugely successful event thanks to the contributions from the student WEB leaders, PTSO members Terri Townsend, and Tammy and Carson Brooks and to the following CMS staff: Janet Robinson, Ashley Hughley, Alexis Goforth, Morgan Pelfrey, Bethany Bowlin, Emily Daniels, Janice Godlaski, Diana Spicer, Heather Howe and WEB sponsors Cara Rocchi and Renee Ware. After a long week of testing, we especially appreciate the tireless support from these staff members!

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