Hiawatha School Counseling

September 2013 * Volume 5 - Issue 1

A Note from Mrs. Rex

I am very excited to begin my fifth year as Hiawatha's school counselor. My goal is to provide our students, staff, and families with the support they need to be happy and successful. Please don't hesitate to utilize my counseling services, which include individual, small group, classroom, and school-wide settings.

Also, this year, I will have my very first intern. Her name is Bailey Parks and she comes to us from Bowling Green State University. Bailey will be here on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday afternoons the entire school year. I am looking forward to giving Bailey a great internship experience!

Have a wonderful September!
Marissa Rex

A Note From Ms. Parks

Hiawatha's School Counselor Intern

My name is Bailey Parks. I'm originally from Cleveland, OH. I graduated high school and moved to Bowling Green in 2008. I got my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. Soon after graduating with my bachelor's degree I began my graduate work also at BG for school counseling. I enjoy playing the trumpet and have played for 13 years. During my undergrad at BG I was a member of the Falcon Marching Band for four years.

Video of the Month

Kid Snippets: "Principal's Office" (Imagined by Kids)

Web Resource of the Month

Class Dojo

Class Dojo (www.classdojo.com), is a fabulous classroom tool to monitor and improve student behavior. Students are assigned an avatar, which they can customize at home using a secret code. Every time a student makes a good choice (based on the behaviors the educator wants to focus on), the student earns a dojo point, which shows up in their profile.

Many types of educators could use Class Dojo for their lessons, groups, or even to track individual student behaviors. Plus, the data could be compiled into a report for parents and administrators.

I also love that Class Dojo can be used on a smartphone, computer, or tablet for FREE!

Finally, Class Dojo has a YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/classdojo) which includes how-to videos to make it even easier to utilize.

Dear Tim


Dear Hiawatha Timberwolves,

I have a problem.

Mrs. Rex is spending a lot of time with her new friend, Wolfina. Sometimes, I just want to hang out with Mrs. Rex without Wolfina, but I don’t know how to say that without being mean. I just want everything to go back to normal.

What should I do?



Dear Tim "Jealousy"


1. Students K-6 answer Tim's problem by writing him a letter. Younger students may receive help.

2. Turn in completed letters to Mrs. Rex.

3. At the end of the contest, Mrs. Rex will pick letters randomly. Those students will receive a prize.

Anonymous Bullying Reporting

What is Bullying?

Washington Local's definition of bullying, the same definition provided next to our "bully box," is:

An issue that has occurred over and over again, between the same individuals (power imbalance), on purpose, and hurt physically and/or emotionally.

How the "Bully Box" Works

When a student witnesses or experiences bullying, they have the option of anonymously reporting that incident. Our "bully box" and forms are located in the hallway by Julie's office, just outside her door. I check the box at the end of each school day and address the form the next school day.

What Happens Next?

If I read a form and notice that the student mislabeled his/her incident as bullying, I have a private conversation with that student to review the proper use of the "bully box." If his/her issue is still important to work through, we also do that during this conversation.

If I notice that a particular student, classroom, or grade level is misusing the reporting system, I will ask to address this with the group and review our procedures.

If I read a form, meet with a student, and suspect bullying, I immediately bring this to our principal's attention. At this point, we follow Washington Local's bullying investigation procedures.

In any of the above scenarios, the classroom teacher(s) and any other affected staff members will be notified.