By Mike Lupica


Heat by Mike Lupica was, in my opinion a good book. This is a story of a young boy(12 years old) who is an extremely gifted baseball player. He lives with his brother who is only 17 in the Bronx away from his family in Cuba. Obviously this is a problem because he is not 18 yet and that is illegal. they must try to hide their secret while Michael Arroyo is focused on baseball and about to enter the playoffs for his baseball team whose dream is to reach the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania. The coaches are starting to get very serious and start to ask for Michael's birth certificate which is back in Cuba with his family who he has lost all contact with. With all of this going on it becomes harder and harder to hide their secrets.
"Heat" By Mike Lupica Trailer

Theme and setting

The story took place in Brooklyn sometimes Mike was at the baseball fields or at his brothers apartment .Mike spent a lot of time with his friends at the field and doing other stuff to. The theme of the story was that Mike had to stay on the low side of society. He could not get caught because him and his brother were under age. They were living alone in an apartment but that was not easy for them. Mike had to be a star pitcher for his baseball team in the Little League so his coaches were asking for his birth certificate which is back in Cuba with his family that he has no contact with. That was a problem but it all worked out in the end. Heat was a good book it did a good job intertwining all of the different characters into the same plot.