Highlights at JCMS

We wanted to create a special bulletin because there were some very special things that happened for our JCMS students in the last few weeks.

If you know any of the students that belong to any of these three groups, make sure to congratulate them. They have all not only done an outstanding job in their area but have lived the Panther Way outside of school hours. We are so proud of them for all they have accomplished!!!
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JCMS Archery Team Took 1st Place at State!!

JCMS- First place for Secondary Division

JCMS 3D- Second place for Secondary Division

Emily Montgomery -JCMS Team is #1 shooter in state overall!!

Alexa Boyd- JCMS Team is #2 shooter in state overall!!!

JCMS also had top Female Archer of event which was Alexa Boyd who shot a 290!!

JCMS Spanish Club "Cleans Up" at State Competition

Original Hispanic Dance with Original Choreography

1st Place - Olivia McGuire, Hailey Sorrells, Emy Ralston, Molly Bertram danced to La Bamba

Traditional Hand-Made Pinata
1st Place - Marissa Caudill
4th Place - Halle Stearns

Memorized Song in Spanish
2nd Place - Micah Wilhelm with De Colores (traditional Spanish Folk Song)

Spanish Memorized Recitation - Poetry
1st PLace - Wyatt St. John with Un Soneto A Cervantes
2nd PLace - Mackenzie Spurlin with La Guitarra

Impromptu Speaking
4th Place - Mackenzie Spurlin

Memorized Original Skit
1st Place - Emy Ralston, Kayla Pappenheim, Katie Pappenheim, Macy Brumett, Cache Myers, Madelyn Hamrick, Wyatt St. John

JCMS Wrestling Team Destroys the Competition!

Tri-County Tournament Results


Keagan Craig

Rusty Vaughn

Michael Pemberton

Dathan Malone

Joey Moran

Adam Stillinger

Tyler Parker

Fisher Richart

Sammy Bennett

Nathaniel McDonald

Jared Corya

Jimmy Klingler


Teagen Johnson

Andrew Mohr

Cameron Harris

Gerado Baez

Mason Coffey

Kenton Wilson

Kade Law

Cameron Woodard

Owen Deaton

Jake Coffman


Demetree Fleek

Ethan Mathews

Aaron Deaton

Kyle Nugent

Logan Askew


Justin Brogdon

Shawn Richardson

  • Keagan Craig and Rusty Vaughn became 2-Time Tri-County Champions!
  • Keagan finished the season undefeated!!
  • Jennings County had 22 wrestlers in the finals (team record)
  • 29 of our 34 wrestlers placed in the top 4
  • 18 of our 20 varsity wrestlers placed top 2

Overall Season Results

  • The Panthers end their season UNDEFEATED 15-0
  • Tri-County Team Champs; Bear Rumble Champs; James Walker Invitational Champs; Panther Invite Champs
  • They have 12 Individual Tri-County Champions!!

Way to represent JCMS in not only athletics but also in how you carry yourselves and you behave in a public setting. This team truly lives the Panther Way!