District Updates

August 13, 2020

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On Wednesday, August 12th, the school board voted to approve Mora's Return to School Plan. The school board approved to begin the 2020-21 school year with the in-person learning model with a family flex option. If Covid-19 county case numbers increase we may be required to change models.

1)The In-Person Learning Model. This plan has an adjusted start and end time for both buildings.

Students will also have a Family Flex option. This plan allows students to work online from home daily and follows the rigor and pacing of traditional in-person school.

2)The Hybrid Learning Model has students attend school 2 days per week and learn online for 3 days per week. It will follow an A/B schedule where only 1/2 the students report on a given day.

3)Distance Learning Plan-All students in the county move to online learning based on MDE criteria and grade level guidelines.

Please look at the complete plan on the link labeled, "Mora Return to School Plan 2020/21." The second link brings you to the sign-up forms for the Family Flex option. If your child is returning to in-person learning, there is no need to fill out any form. If you would like to enroll your child in the Family Flex Plan, please click on the link below titled, "SIGN UP FOR FAMILY FLEX." For planning purposes, the district would like all parents signing up for Family Flex to do the registration form by Friday, August 21st

Please contact your child's teacher or principal with any further questions.


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The U.S. Census Bureau has announced all counting efforts will end one month earlier on September 30, 2020. An estimated 4 out of 10 households have yet to be counted. Population count and funding are linked and will affect allocations for the next 10 years. What can you do? Copy this link and paste in your upcoming communications reminding your stakeholders the importance of being counted https://2020census.gov/