Constitutional Limits

The separation of powers,checks and balances,and federalism.

The Separation of Powers

There are three branches of government. First branch is the Legislative branch. In the Legislative branch it consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.The legislative branch is the one who makes the laws. Second branch is the Executive branch. In the Executive branch it consists of the President and the Vice President.The Executive branch is the one who enforces the laws. The third and final one is the Judicial branch. In the Judicial branch it consists of the supreme court.The Judicial branch is the one who interprets the laws.

Checks and Balances

The system of checks and balances, allows each branch of government to check, or limit, the power of the other two branches in a number of ways. One way Legislative checks Executive is by overturning a veto with certain amounts of vetos.


Federalism is the federal principle or system of government. under federalism, power is shared by the national government and states. each level of government- national and state has independent authority over people at the same time.
Fascinating facts about the U.S Constitution

Here are some interesting fact about the constitution!