The Alberta Wildfire

By: Eisha Iqbal

Wildfire in Alberta

We have some bad news! One of the most devasting natural fires, the Alberta wildfire started on Saturday, May 1st. It started when lightning struck parts of a forest and the fire spread very quickly. By the time the firefighters arrived to put it out, they were not able to put it out, it was out of control! Approximately 80,000 people were forced to evacuate out of their homes.

Possible Solutions For The Alberta Wildfire


1st Solution: To stop the fire from spreading a solution would be to predict where the fire will strike next and a lot of water to those parts, making the area moist and wet. When the fire arrives, it will not be able to set anything on fire because the area is wet.

2nd Solution: Another solution is to donate to organizations that are raising money to help with the fire. This will help because the more money they have, the more equipment and materials they will be able to buy to help put out the fire quicker.

3rd Solution: The last solution is for it to rain. This is the only solution that will most likely work because when it rains the fire will not have anything to burn. Although putting lots of water on parts the fire will hit next is a solution that might work, it requires a lot of water.